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Testing Your Knowledge

The Chinese Character Tutor offers the most comprehensive testing facility with 19 different methods of testing to choose from!

Multiple choice test methods:
- Select Pinyin Given Characters
- Select Pinyin Given English
- Select Pinyin Tones
- Select English Given Characters
- Select English Given Pinyin
- Select Characters Given English*
- Select Characters Given Pinyin*
Typing test methods:
- Type in Pinyin Given Characters
- Type in Pinyin Given English
- Type in English Given Characters
- Type in English Given Pinyin
- Type in Chinese Given English*
- Type in Chinese Given Pinyin*
Audio test methods:
- Listen to audio ... and select Pinyin
- Listen to audio ... and select English
- Listen to audio ... and select Chinese*
- Listen to audio ... and type Pinyin
- Listen to audio ... and type English
- Listen to audio ... and type Chinese*

Optionally limit yourself for the amount of time to spend per word. If you can't answer the word during this time period, then testing advances to the next word. Set the time limit between 2 and 60 seconds.

The screen below shows the testing method called Type in Pinyin Given Characters. Notice also that the Test tones option is selected.

If you ever get stuck during testing ... you can do one of the following 4 things to get you moving:

View a hint
View the correct answer
Listen to the audio
Skip the current word

The screen below shows multiple choice of Pinyin given Chinese characters. It also shows that a timer is being used (currently shows 4 seconds remaining for the current word).

* these testing methods require a Chinese font system (such as TwinBridge, Chinese Star, RichWin, Chinese Windows, etc.)

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