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Our Story

The Chinese Character Tutor evolved as an idea from a frustrated student of the Chinese language. "All those strokes and tones!" he sighed. It seemed so complicated and overwhelming!

Using flashcards of the Chinese characters helped him a great deal. He made stacks of cards for nouns, verbs, and so on. He then made smaller, more manageable stacks for subjects such as animals, colors, numbers, etc. This seemed like a logical approach, but as he began to search for a specific word or character, he spent more time looking for the card than it would have taken him to look it up in a dictionary.

Out of sheer frustration he screamed, "There must be an easier way to learn these things!" And so the Chinese Character Tutor was born.

The Chinese Character Tutor automates the process of organizing groups of Chinese characters and locating specific words for rapid learning. It is an educational tool that will increase your productivity in learning the most common Chinese characters and words.

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