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The Chinese Character Tutor is intended for anyone interested in learning Mandarin Chinese ... reading, writing, listening and speaking.

This is the leading educational program for learning Chinese characters because:
  • It allows you to organize groups of words in a way that is meaningful to you. Drag-drop words to folders that you define.
  • It has the most comprehensive testing facility available with 19 different testing methods!
  • You can extend it to include your own vocabulary. Add your own dictionaries with lessons. Add, copy, move or edit any word in any dictionary.
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Chinese Character Tutor CD-ROM
Customer Praise!
* "Keep up the good work - your product is the best in its class. It has greatly assisted in improving my knowledge of Chinese."
* "I purchased the Chinese Character Tutor and just wanted to let you know that it is a GREAT tool!"
* "I am 'hooked' on your program - it is great! Spent hours playing yesterday - can't call it studying - it's too much fun!"
* "It's great! It's really helping me learn a lot! Best Chinese software that I've found!"

Customers Include:

ABB Transportation Ltd.
American Embassy (Beijing)
Appalachian State Univ.
Case Western Reserve Univ.
College of the Atlantic
College of William & Mary
Coopers & Lybrand
Edith Cowan Univ.
Emory Univ.
Evans High School
Hong Kong Technical College
Indiana Univ.
Iowa State Univ.
James Madison Univ.
Kenyon College
Kraft Canada Inc.
Kutztown Univ.
Macquairie Univ.
Marymount Univ.
Missouri State Univ.
Monterey Institute for Int'l Studies
Mt. San Antonio College
Mt. Holyoke College
Ohio Univ.
Oxford Instruments (Beijing)
Pacific Lutheran Univ.
Price Waterhouse (Hong Kong)
Raytheon Corp.
Royal Dutch Embassy (in Beijing)
Sea-Land Corp.
Siemens Nixdorf (Shanghai)
Southwestern Univ.
SUNY Binghamton Univ.
Tufts Univ.
United Nations
Univ. of Arkansas
Univ. of Calgary
Univ. of California
Univ. of Colorado
Univ. of Copenhagen
Univ. of Findlay
Univ. of Georgia
Univ. of Greenwich (London)
Univ. of Maine
Univ. of Minnesota
Univ. of Paris
Univ. of the Pacific
Univ. of Vermont
Univ. of Virginia
Univ. of Wisconsin
Whitworth College
Wittenberg Univ.
Wolfson College (Oxford, England)
Yale University
and individuals from all over the world!/b>

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